An Open Letter to TuxDigital Network

To: Michael, Ryan, and Neal
RE: The Sudo Show

Have you ever had something you cared deeply about? Something that you grew from scratch and shared with others? This is a rhetorical question, of course, because you both have. Destination Linux and the TuxDigital Network are a testament to that creative love.

The Sudo Show to me was more than a project, more than a “show.” It was hope. The Sudo Show was the transition from a career that had dead-ended into a career whose limits I haven’t found yet. A chance to turn burnout into joy. It’s not a brand; it’s a part of my life, part of who I am.

When I came to Michael, I sought advice. In the following weeks in 2020, we decided to bring my show to your network. We launched with resounding success. It was a win for our sponsors, your network, and myself.

About 18 months later, I changed roles, moving away from sales and into marketing. I took over the RHEL YouTube channel and knew the coming year or so would be trying. The Sudo Show had continued to grow, and my fear was my efforts to rebuild RHEL content would interfere with the show’s growth.

I struggled for months with the decision to step down, and when I was told to stop waffling and make a decision, I stepped down. Brandon, Neal, and Bill continued in my place. The RHEL YouTube channel is thriving once more, and for the past year, I have been trying to return to my show. The Sudo Show was bi-weekly. Since my departure, the show should have dozens more episodes. The last episode was published eight months ago!

My requests to return as a host have been denied.
My offer to buy the Sudo Show brand from the network was ignored.
Now, I am standing in the open, being honest with you, asking you to honor our agreement that it was my show, your network.

Your network isn’t using the show, so return it to its creator. Ten weeks ago, I was told there were “big plans” for the brand. There still hasn’t been any new content published. Brandon, my co-founder, has stepped down from the show. The brand is inactive.

Instead of being denied my project and “forking” it into a new brand that has to grow from nothing: Do the open-source thing. Do the right thing. Set an example to developers for how transition plans should look. Return my passion project to me. Let the Sudo Show thrive again with the host who put so much love and energy into it.


Eric Hendricks, the IT Guy
Founder of the Sudo Show